HR Tip: Interview strategies changing

According to a report by ExecuSearch, 2015 Regional Hiring Outlook, employers are placing as much, if not more emphasis on personality as technical skills when they interview applicants. While the technical skills are required to get in the door, once in front of the hiring manager, the question becomes, “Is the person a good fit?”

Sixty-three percent of survey respondents said they use behavioral-based questions, 54 percent use personality-based questions, and 34 percent use candidate presentations to gain a better sense of a job seeker’s personality and fit within the organization.

The continued improvement in the U.S. economy means that employers are turning increasingly to a contingent workforce to fill skill gaps. The report found that 41 percent rely on consultants and contractors, and many intend to do more of this in 2015.

The report advises employers to act quickly when they have identified a strong candidate. The longer they wait, the less likely it is that they will end up with the person they want.

According to the report, the top four retention strategies employers intend to use are:

  • professional training/development
  • midyear/end-of-year reviews
  • wellness programs and social events
  • increase compensation for their staff

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