HR Tip: Nine tips on how to hire freelancers

HR Tips
  1. Determine what talent gaps exist in the organization.
  2. Identify work that can be split off into discrete projects handled by on-demand workers.
  3. Establish compensation structures for independent contractors.
  4. Inform the entire organization about the risks of violating federal rules on independent contractors.
  5. Sign off on all contracts with on-demand workers.
  6. Determine who monitors freelancers’ progress and assesses their results.
  7. Make sure legal counsel approves an independent contractor agreement that withstands federal tax rules and other legal requirements, and that specifies that the organization owns the work produced by the freelancer.
  8. Spell out the scope of work and any special insurance requirements for each project.
  9. Establish a firm deadline for completion of work; consider dictating interim deadlines or check-in dates.
  10. Source: Steve Bates, “Freelance Nation,” HR Magazine, July/August 2015

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